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Something strange has happened and people across the world are turning into blood-thirsty, brain-deprived walking dead. It falls down upon you to lead the hordes of the dead to victory over the living. Yes, you heard that correctly: YOU are the brains behind the brainless, the dark controlling intelligence of the hordes of unintelligent. Denied gray matter, the dead hordes will fail without your cunning and devious planning, falling to traps and weapons of the very much living - and very unhappy - humans. Mutate your horde, keep them fed, and have them overcome the survivors of the apocalypse.

Death, blood, tears, moaning, more death, puzzles, and mutations (all liberally sprinkled with rot and undeath) await you during the Zombie Night Terror and its 40 levels populated with increasingly annoyed and increasingly determined humans who do not wish to see their brains and other vital organs liberated from their bodies.

You can test your skills through Steam and GOG.com!

Brains (And Contents)
A Peek Inside
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